Tips if you're preparing for the City to Surf or Dubbo Stampede

1. Get the right shoes - You need to be comfy on the day- make sure you get the right shoe for your level of experience, foot type and running style – Make sure you give them a try before the event to avoid blisters.

2. Stretch it out - Keep your muscles mobile to improve your stride and decrease your chance of injury and fatigue. Keeping your muscles loose will enable you to recover faster and stronger.

3. Fuel your body - In the days leading up to the race, make sure you fuel your body with foods high in nutritious value. Also include high carbohydrates because this will be your main source of energy when you are doing longer duration of cardiovascular activity.

4. Get a good nights rest - You may feel anxious or excited or both for the race – so it is important to start practicing a good sleep schedule a few days before the race. You want to avoid restlessness and tiredness on the day. Having good quality sleep will help you to be not only physically prepared but mentally too.

5. Choose your pace - Make sure you know how fast you want to run throughout the race. It needs to be a comfortable speed for you. You don’t want to burn out too quickly and lose motivation or injure yourself.

6. Take a day off training - Take the day off training the day before the race – it will allow your muscles and joints to recover and rest from the training you have been doing and be physically ready for the race ahead. Try keeping it light for the week leading up to the race and make sure you mix up your exercises – not just running!

7. Drink Water – Make sure you drink plenty of water in the days leading up to the race and during the race. You will lose a lot of fluid during the day, so it is important these stores are kept throughout the race for muscle recovery and hydration.

8. See your Healthcare Professional- Seeking care from your health care professional can keep you mobile and flexible and also reduce your risk of injury!

The Team at Carter Chiropractic & Dubbo Acupuncture wish everyone running in the City to Surf and Dubbo Stampede a fun & safe day!
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