Improve Your Desk Posture

When we sit at a desk, for long periods of time, 5 days a week, in the same constrained postures, discomfort and pain can become apparent. The most common posture adopted by the desk worker is forward carriage of the head on the shoulders and neck causing an increase of stress on the spine, elevated shoulders, shoulders rolling forward and extension of the wrists.

Ergonomics is designed to change the working environment, and promote the best workstation set up for an individual. When we put our bodies in these positions for long periods of times it can result in static muscle loads, uneven distribution of weight, spinal stress, fatigue and eventually musculoskeletal pain.

Here are some effective ways to minimise the effects of poor posture:

1. Avoid prolonged constrained posture by having regular stretch and walking breaks: Set an alarm on your phone for every 45-60mins during the work day.

2. Pay Attention to furniture and equipment and ensure that is it properly arranged and adjusted to suit your body. Assess the office chair, desk, computer screen, leg space, keyboard, lighting and phones.

3. Stretch tight muscle groups at home: Stretch the big muscle groups that get chronically shortened due to the positions our bodies undertake at work.

4. Drink plenty of water: Drinking plenty of water throughout the day encourages good blood flow, especially when you are sitting for long periods, the blood flow can become stagnant – it also helps you get up and walk around increasing your need to go to the toilet!

 5. See your Chiropractor: Chiropractors understand the importance of good posture for optimal biomechanics and can provide strategies to improve general posture and ergonomic state of your workstation.

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