Acupuncture for Weight Loss

Weight Loss can be difficult for anyone but Dubbo Acupunture can make weight management easy. 

With a new program in place, combining herbs and acupuncture, you’ll lose weight without feeling hungry all the time. 

They have 3 phases in place:

1. DETOX- This phase is designed to cleanse your body and help you feel less bloated. Within this phase there are 3 simple steps to help you detox:
CUT- Begin cutting foods that cause bloating;
CLEAN- Eat Clean foods to cleanse your body;
FLUSH- ‘Flush’ excess toxins with water.

2. IGNITE- This phase is designed to ignite your weight loss journey and melt the fat away. There are 3 steps help ignite your weight loss.
BURN- This is where you jump-start your weight loss with herbs;
SCULPT- Scuplt your body with exercise, undertake calorie-burning exercises such as strength training, high intensity cardio and fat burning cardio;
RESTORE- Restore your body with high quality protein, from shakes. 

3. THRIVE – The final phase in your weight loss program. This phase is about maintaining your already achieved goals and live your life as the healthiest you! There are 3 steps in this final phase.
REPROGRAM- Maintain your achieved results by reprogramming your mind to continuing to eat clean;
DIVERSIFY- Diversify your eating habits, try other clean eating recipes;
ENERGISE- Live and enjoy your healthy new lifestyle, it’s time to live invigorated in your new healthy, fit lifestyle. 

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